How to travel in style in Melaka

Melaka, a city once famed for its faded port activities is now a bustling tourist hub that attracts visitors from many parts of the world. You can enjoy many activities once you are in this city, and the hospitality is something that can surely make you enjoy irresistible days. Upon your arrival at Melaka, you will be received by colorful streets that boast of many souvenirs, fortune tellers, art craft stalls, gift sellers, and restaurants that sell delicious foodstuffs.

Though many of the city’s streets are ever buzzing with dozens of activities, you can still find open spots to mingle. The food here is also great since you can sample many indigenous East Asian fruits and other delicacies that can send your food cravings to a satisfying energy level. Sounds good? Just hop on the next 707 bus.

Enjoying Melaka’s European influence

Melaka has a long history of the British, Dutch and Portuguese influence, and this can be seen in some of the city’s architecture and culture. Porta de Santiago, a remnant of Portuguese fortress that was built between 16th and 17th centuries is a historical beauty that can marvel. The port was destroyed when the British arrived at Melaka in 1641. Melaka’s Maritime Museum found in the Dutch Square also has a significant historical connection to the Netherlands, and this can be seen in the artifacts and the famous Christ Church that is considered the oldest Dutch building existing in the East. The Stadthuys, an iconic 17th-century building that served as the governor’s residence also shows a unique Dutch influence in the city of Melaka. Visiting such locations can surely give you a recreational and emotional feel that is associated with this city.

The diverse cultures of Melaka at these wonderful visitors’ hubs

Kampung Chetti or Chitty Village is considered one of the most peaceful sides of Melaka. Straits-born Indians whose culture dominates this location and exquisite cuisine is represented in the marvelous Indian Peranakan Heritage of Kampung Chetti. A small heritage museum displaying costumes, artifcats and photographs called Muzium Chetti is a great place to interact with the ancient cultural civilization of Melaka, and also connect with the contemporary lifestyle that is exhibited here. If you are done visiting Chitty Museum, you can stroll a vast elephant archway that leads to villages that feature exquisitely decorated houses and roads that have amazing floral painting designs.

A short distance from the villages, you can find the famous Sri Subramanian Temple, and its rose-colored construction provides an amazing beauty that can marvel the eye. From Kampung Chitty, you can take a 15-minute walk to Chinatown where you can enjoy the serene Cheng Ho Tea House – a beauty fitted with golden dragons, and calm inner courtyard where you can calmly sip tea and relax.

Don’t forget to visit Melaka’s famous “Harmony Street.”

Melaka’s “Harmony Street” is just a 15-minute walking distance from Chinatown. It has many places of worship for different religions nestled together, and perhaps that is why it is referred to as “Harmony Street.” While here, you can refresh your sight senses by gazing at the Kampung Kling Mosque, Sri Poyatha Hindu temple, and the amazing Cheng Hoon Teng Temple which features intricate woodwork structures and lovely painted statues. This location guarantees you to sample the diverse Malaysian diverse religious cultures in just one simple visit, and that is an experience that you will surely find to be transforming.

Where you can stay when you are in the city of Melaka

Accommodation isn’t an issue when you are in this city, and that is the case as long as you have your budget well sorted out. Many hotels can be found throughout the city. For an even amazing experience, you can try Peranakan house. It features spacious accommodation units and the hospitality you can enjoy while there is something that can add more magic to your traveling escapades at Melaka. Hotel Puri is also popular among many tourists who visits Melaka, thanks to its exquisite lounge rooms, spa, and a large outdoor area which visitors can use to relax and engage in some yoga or meditation practices.

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