1. MamaYatie says

    hak saya faham, pokok tu cantik sbb ‘butt’ nya..bukan sebab ‘butt’ rokok..(butt=puntung)

    means : jgn merokok
    hehe..agak2 jer la

  2. says

    puntung rokok translated to cigarette butt.
    sumtimes shortened to just butt…
    nice butts don’t come from cigarette die maksudkan betol2 butt, which r babes or hunks, to whichever ur preference… :)

  3. says

    hikhik, it has semantically and implicit meaning. Butts in this context is “another” butt and this slogan actually try to tell us about not to smoke cause it’s not cool…

  4. says

    #@xiM : samalah kita..

    #Abuya Hayat:ohh,thanks bro..barula faham skit2..

    #Ayuni: u mean another butt which is mouth?

    #far_east ;hik3…

    #lynn angel :tuhla kan?kena fahami betoi2 ni

  5. says

    #Miza Yusof:umm..cuba nak fahami ni..

    #MamaYatie :yiezaa..jgn merokok….ingatlah orang tersayang..

    #Nur Hanani :hik3..samalah kita..


    #makdara TERdiva:hak3..larikk2..mDT dah fikir lain..

    #zahidah dihaz:kena buat kelas ni kan?

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