A Single Bit Virtue Of Kindness

Have you ever walk on a street when there’s a couple of children, wearing dirty clothes in rags, asking for money?

Have you ever accounted old man, begging money in front of a shopping mall?

What did the old man like?

Are they pitiful?

Yes, certainly. For a mere person like me, it is such a normal situation to face that situation, each and every day.  It is not weird anymore. Even in the big city, the existence of civilians that are pitiful like that is a normal site. All around the world, people that is homeless 
We are not rich yet not poor. Our life is as simple as can be, but do we realize that people like them deserve a better place? Better treatment?

Some of us will think that they are useless; they can work but don’t have alternatives to do this. Even some said that they are lazy! Look at the positive side; we are so blessed with our good life.  In contrast, are we grateful to what did we have?

Every day, we spend lots of money on something that is useless. We have cars, big houses, eating proper meal. Then for women, spending money on beautify themselves, everything is not enough to fulfill their lust on world. But do we care about homeless people? Hungry kids on the streets? Old men that begging money and food in every walk way?

Where is our humanity? Some said that what we reap, that is what we sows There’s an element of selfishness there.  What if we are in their shoes? Pitiful isn’t it?

So, we must do something to help them. I used to give money, even a little bit, it can help their life, just to get some food.  The amount of money is not a big deal to what you could have done. A little bit of kindness maybe can help them to change their life.

However, for some people who live in a luxury, clothes are changing every day. If they feel like they don’t want to wear it, they just throw it away. What a waste! How about giving it to all of these homeless people that only lived on rags. You can gather your clothes that you can’t wear and give it to them in spite of throwing it away. At my hometown, we used to gather our old clothes that can’t be wear anymore and give it to the poor, orphanage and shelter home.

Hm, how about you all? Helping others may bring you happiness. Sometimes, by helping others, you will realize the meaning of life……
About the Author : Ayuni currently pursuing her study in Bachelor of English. Love her quote ” It made me realizes about how great to be a good teacher who can gives good virtue to the students. Knowledge is power! “

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