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GLITZ Show Genting Highlands
Alhamdulillah, saya dan rakan-rakan MySelangorStory mendapat jemputan dari Resort World Genting untuk menyaksikan Glitz Show pada 19 November 2010 (9 malam, Jumaat). Kemudahan transportation turut disediakan .
Sedikit informasi pasal Glitz Show :
“The much awaited, brand new resident show at Resorts World Genting is finally here: GLITZ! An hour-long extravaganza bringing together internationally acclaimed performers in an East-meets-West concept, get ready to be dazzled by an enchanting and fabulous journey of wonder – guaranteed to be an amazing and unforgettable experience for the whole family! Among the main acts featured will be the renowned magician, illusionist and escape artist – Charles Bach. With his extensive theatrical training, he will captivate you with amazing feats of illusion and deft sleight-of-hand. Next, we have the PuYang HuaChen Acrobatic Group – whose agility and dexterity is backed up with over 3000 years of tradition. Their skilled display of gravity-defying tricks will leave you on the edge of your seat. Last but not least, we have the brilliant and beautiful Daria Pushankina – mistress of sand art. Though young, her sheer talent in sand animation has won her accolades the world over. A truly unique form of story-telling that is sure to leave an impression!

All this and so much more awaits you this November. Come and enjoy the fun and excitement by delving into the depths of imagination today!” – Sumber Malaysia Most Wanted


Agak sedih, single invite saja, kalau tak boleh ajak Isteri join sekali + kemudahan tempat tinggal tidak disediakan jadi malam tu kena la terus pulang. Kalau tak bolehla lepak-lepak semalam di Genting Highlands.
Namun ,tetap teruja untuk menyaksikannya. Last time menonton Dazzle Show memang cukup kagum dan menawan hati. Oh, tak sangka jadi blogger ni banyak juga kelebihan ya?Selain berkenalan dengan rakan-rakan bloggers, banyak juga kelebihan lain seperti invitation, movie screening , etc cuma kenalah pandai merebut peluang yang ada.
Oh ya, sebut pasal MySelangorStory, jangan lupa untuk Vote Eyriqazz, undian akan ditutup weekend ini.
P/s : GLITZ show bukannya Tiger Show ya? Kalau nak tempat tiket Tiger Show, bolehla tempah dengan Sumijelly dan Bro Je JAI

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