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I Love The World. What are the things that I Love In The World?

1) My Family
I think in whatever we do, Family must always Come first. It is one of the most important things in our life. Without it our life won’t be happier and meaningful.
2) The Environment especially the Ocean and Beach
I Love Our Beautiful Environment which have great scenery and view plus a lot of attractive places to visit such as Pulau Tioman, Pulau Redang, Pulau Langkawi, and the long list goes on.
3) Delicious Food
I Love Delicious Food. It make my mind work better and my life more enjoyable. Furthermore, I live in a great Country which is Malaysia so as I can enjoy a lot of delicious food with different kind of variety. You just name it, “Malay, Chinese, Mamak, Indian, Western, and many more”
Finally, I Love A Lot of other things in the World such as hobby that I can enjoy, places that I can go, nice house to live on, a great friends, sports, blogging and enjoy whatever I love to do. However, the world will not be same if we did not take care of the world.
The World that We live now is not the same as when I still a child. The Beautiful World that we enjoy now become less enjoyable as before. The heat is getting hotter, global warming,  the beautiful places become less beautiful due to human intervention, pollution everywhere, and become more unhealthy/unenjoyable to live. Let’s look what human has done to Our Lovely World :
Throwing Rubbish Everywhere
Water Pollution
Air Pollution
I hate what People did to the World. The Beautiful World should be enjoy by our future generation as well. However, it is still not too late. We can do our part to make a world a better place to Live. I want Alisya (my daughter) and my future generation to enjoy it as well in the future.
Let’s start with a small step and make it a bigger step. To start a big things, it must start with a small things. Ohh, I Love what Sloggi has done to make a World a better place.This is the things that Sloggi has done :
Recycled Plastic Bottle into a Nice, Sexy, Hot and Beautiful Lingerie and Underwear (Credit Picture to LittleMama)
Further Details : Sloggi Spring Collection 2010, Sloggi has inspired a CLEANER world. Named the “Love World collection”, all of the designer items are made from 90% Polyester (yarn material is produced from 100% recycled plastic bottles) and 10% Elastane.
Oh, I Fantasize My Wife in those Lingerie and Underwear. It looks so Hot, Sexy and will make my heart beat faster. I am planning to buy this lingerie and underwear for my wife in the future. I drop by at the Jusco Supermarket a few weeks ago to buy it for my wife but there are too many people due to Jusco Card Member Day Sale. Nevermind, I will try to buy it later as it really good news for me, ” I Love the Design “ and I can contribute my part to make the World Cleaner and more enjoyable to live.
How about you? Did you did your part as well? So, let’s all the husband, we buy this products for our Lovely Wife and to all the woman, let’s buy this product as well. A small step when we do it together, it will become a big step for a better World.
Oh, thanks for the iniatives that has been done by Sloggi . I Love what you did to the World . Last but not least, I want to say that :
Love World Love Sloggi

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