Why I Like It Longer

Why I Like Longer?First of All,I would like to share this word from one of my blogging friend :

Credit to Zella .Your word really make my day
Toink,toink,hey,we can’t help it but to think something ‘naughty’ about this word right?I think the impression is almost the same When P1 Wimax launched they advertisement campaign ‘Potong,Potong,Potong’.Double meaning,quality word and attract a lot of attention.Thanks again Zella,you make me more interested to join this Contest.
This is my Wishlist (Not In Order) and the things that I Want It Longer and Why I Like It Longer :
1)The Number/Balance in My Bank Account
Money,U Can’t Live Without IT

Why I Like It Longer?

Hehehe,The longer the better.I know,I know,money can’t buy you a happiness but with money I can buy a lot of things,helping others, and make a different for the world.I will donate some of my money for better goods,invest for the good of my future generation, and enjoy my life by going for vacation, a nice house and long list goes on.Hey,Who said Money Can’t Buy Happiness?I can let my wife go shopping and Women Love shopping Right?I will be happier when my Love one happy.
2)Time with Family
Family Come First
Why I Like It Longer?
As a full time working father, i think the time that I can spent with my family is getting shorter everyday.More than 1/3 of my time already spent at the office.Minus Sleeping time,eating,watching tv,surf internet,blogging and etc, how long do you think I can spent a quality time with my family?.

That’s why a few days ago I make a decision to take a break from blogging ,relax myself and spent quality time with my family.Iwish I can spent more times with my family as I really want to enjoy a single moment of my life seeing my daughter growing up, go for vacation, visit both of my parent and parent in law in Terengganu and Kelantan, and do more things as a family such as cooking together, swimming, play sports, and etc.I think my wife think the same things too as a mother/wife/women, she want more for the family/kids.

3)Number of Good Friends
Good Friends Can Make Your Day More Meaningful and Enjoyable
Why I Like It Longer?
It is really difficult to find a good friends nowadays.What do you me a good friend?For me good friend is a friend that will always be there for you , ”happy or sad,enjoy or unejoyable, easy or difficult times” and will always lend a hand when you need it.

You will know which one of your friends is a good friends when you are in trouble such as you need to borrow a money from your friend because of financial difficulties (some said it is not good to borrow/lent money to a friend) but I think if that person is really a good friend of yours ,why not helping him as long as it did not trouble you much.I really wish that I can have a longer list of good friends as It can really make your life more enjoyable,meaningful, and great.

I found a new hobby now which is blogging and I found such an amazing and great friends out there in the space such as Beautifulnara, Redmummy, JAI, Melz, Kak Ina KL, FizaMastar,Sumijelly,Aus, KancilbiruSweetdarling, Ween, Bean Moreno and the long list goes on (Sorry for those that I did not mention their name,I did not forgot yours).Trutfully,some of these people are a better friends that my friend in real life.Happy blogging guys and see you all again in the future.Let’s join Nuffnang event together-gether,k?
4)Time for Myself
With A Great Power,Come With a Greater Responsibilities
Why I Like It Longer?
I want more times for myself as well.I want to enjoy my life and by having longer time for myself I can do the things that I love such as read good novel (Sidney Sheldon, Jeffrey Archer,Ahadiah Akasyah,hehehe,it’s being a long time I finish reading one novel), watching movies,play futsal, swimming, reading magazines, and longer sleep (hehehe,Sleeping is one of the best things in Life).
What Is my next Phone?Umm,the longer the better right?Hehehe…
Why I Like It Longer?
i)As the word goes,the longer the better, such as :

Beautiful Model/Women
Great Buliding (e.g.  KLCC)
Umm,No Comment.U need to Ask the Women
ii)Easier for me to find it when I misplaced my phone. My wife will ‘membebel’ (talk,talk,talk) when I misplaced my phone.
iii)Go with the trend.Earlier on, people want smaller/shorter phone but nowadays more people go with Longer Phone as the technology growing rapidly i.e. Internet can be access via telephone.

I think I already found the phone that meet my requirements for the item no.5 which is longer handphone.Come and look at it :
LG New Chocolate phone BL40
Why I Like it?
1)Meet my requirement for a longer phone.
2)Really like the LG’s tagline which is Life’s Good.I want to add it more for myself for the word LG which is ”Longer Good”, ”Looking Great”, ”Look Good on Great Teacher Onizuka” and ”Love and Grab It”.
3)Love with the features of the phone which are :
Panoramic Entertaiment
The New Chocolate BL40 features a wide screen 16:9 display ratio but it does not stop there. The screen can be further adjusted to 2.35:1 cinematic wide view for vivid and realistic video contents play at any time and place. The wide display ratio applied to the camera’s viewfinder and photo gallery makes photo taking & image searching more dynamic and enjoyable.
4″ HD LCD Protected by Tempered Glass
    Dual Screen UI
    Complete Web Display
    One Touch Copy & Paste
    Gesture Shortcut
    Great Specification/Cool Design
    For further details for the features of this phone,you can check it here : LG New Chocolate BL40.

    4)Received a great review/comments worldwide :

    Charlotte Sinclair, Commisioning Editor, Vogue Magazine : ”Really easy to use. And since the bleeping, buzzing heartbeat of technology now drives all our lives, wouldn’t it be nice if it was on our side?”

    Dylan Jones, GQ’s Editor,GQ Magazine : “I actually rather like the fact that it doesn’t really feel like a phone at all. And for what it’s worth I like it a lot more than the i-Phone.”

    Marissa Bourke, Creative Editor, Elle Magazine : “It’s a super chic piece of design and an impressively sophisticated piece of technology”

    For what it worth,Fashion Label Experts label this Phone as :

    The ‘Supermodels’ Of Phones

    5)I really want a new phone.My wife already received her ‘cool’ Samsung Corby phone and I want a better phone than her.I think LG new BL40 phone is really great for me and one the coolest and great phone available in the market currently.Furthermore,my wish list for no. 5 is more attainable in the near future.Wish me Luck.

    I am writing this entry for the purpose of joining Nuffnang – LG Phone ‘Why I Like it Longer’ Contest.

    Eyriqazz merupakan seorang blogger yang telah mencapai pelbagai kejayaan dalam bidang penulisan blog ini, beliau gemar berkongsi mengenai rumah tangga dan juga gaya hidup

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