How to Win A Contest


I was the 4th Week Winner. Submitted my Olympic Torchbearer photograph for the contest just for fun for winning and 3 weeks later, today, I got the call from Spritzer personnel telling me I won the contest!!

Will be collecting the laptop soon. Need to provide the correct label for proof of purchase. The empty bottle now is collecting dust at my room corner. Better dust it clean before submitting to them. 🙂

Everyone ask how come I always win stuff. Well, I’m going to share some tips. These tips are pretty logic and simple to follow. But I do not gurantee if you don’t win anything.

Rule Number 1 (Mother of all rules)

If you never participate in any contest, you will NEVER win anything. Never say, “Arrhh, I will not be so lucky.” How do you know if there were only 10 person who joined a contest and there were 20 prizes? I did that once and I missed a free Beijing/Shanghai trip for 2 from Snips Salon.

Rule Number 2

Never join a contest half heartedly. Give some heart and you’ll be surprise how easy the slogans/the answers/the hidden clue will come to you. Which is why I never excel in sudoku challenges because I never did the challenge wholeheartedly. 🙂

Rule Number 3

Be creative. Make it personal, but not too personal. Just like reading advertorial blog, you would prefer reading the blogger’s experience rather than just how good the product is. This trick is especially good if you are to join some contest where your personality needs to shine. Like reality TV.

3 tips are enough for now. If I write more, it’s going to be long and boring. Just like slogans contest, 15 words or less. Someone ask if luck plays a role. Well I think maybe a 5%, 95% is your effort. No effort no winning.

Till the next winning.

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