My First Cheque from Nuffnang

I am so happy today.I just received my first cheque from Nuffnang a few days ago :

1st Cheque from Nuffnang
I really happy with the cheque as this is the first cheque i received from Nuffnang .This is the income I earned since i registered with Nuffnang on :
2 September 2009
This is the day I started blogging actively. I started blogging in 2003 but i wrote less than 10 entry per year and I make it a private blog.After reading in the news that Kennysia earn more than RM100K from a blogging, I want to give it a try for my side income money.Now,after receiving the income (for 2 months blogging), I know that we can make money via blogging especially from Nuffnang.It take a lot of hard work and dedication to be able to generate an income from blogging but if you your passion in it, I believe that we can make a good money via blogging.Look at top bloggers such as Kennysia,  Redmummy, Beautifulnara and , they all start with a small steps but they put their passion in their work and now they are able to get an income more than RM10K per month.
How to make a money from blogging via Nuffnang? For those of you that already have an Nuffnang account,this is the tips from me (A tips from a beginner) :
1)Update your blog regularly (at least once a day)
2)In your blog manager, choose global cpc ads as this ads can generate more income for a new bloggers
3)Position all 3 Nuffnang ads at your blog ( Leaderboard,Skyscraper,and Rectangle ) as advertiser share their budget equally on each unit
4)Be a Nuffnang Glitterati (higher chance of getting the ads and promotion such as Premiere Screening)
5)Blogwalking. Don’t just blogwalking,reading,and do nothing after that.Leave a good comment in their blog. Believe and trust me.The chances of those people to visit your blog is higher as people really appreaciate when you leave a comment on their blog especially for a new bloggers.
6)Variety your entry.Don’t just write about your personal life everyday.Try to put other entry as well such as vacation,food, movie, computer, and tips as this can attract more people to visit your blog.
7)Other tips,you can refer it on my earlier entry :
Thanks again Nuffnang….
P/s : More tips to come in the future.Just leave your comment and I will try to create more entry on related tips to make money via blogging/Nuffnang.


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