Thanks Digi

I just received the prize for Pimp My Broadband Contest by Digi :

DiGi broadband modem AND 3 months of free service!!

Close up : Free modem which have been pimped up with a limited edition skin.
The prize that I won worth more than RM500 and no contract or obligation attached to this prize.I still haven’t activate this free service.I think i will activate it at Pavillion this weekend.What I like more is once the 3 months expires, I have an option to continue the service (at a discounted rate), or simply keep the modem and use it with another service of my choice, as the modem are unlocked.How kind are you Digi,and a million thanks to the prize.
I never tried Digi broadband before but  i might give a try for this service provider.I am planning to pimp my Streamyx line as the line is always like chipsmore.It will be ok for a few months after I filed a complaint to SKMM but the problem will occur back a few month after that.I think since I subscribe to Streamyx,I already filed 3 complaint with SKMM and received a rebate of RM300+ (At least Streamyx gave me a rebate) . I might give a try for this service and compare it with Streamyx. If Digi line is better, I will pimp my Streamyx and become Digi subscriber.
When Streamyx and P1 Wimax keep fighting with their advertisement campaign, Potong or Tak Potong, a driver with a P licence, look alike P1 Wimax CEO that forgot to turn on the plug, Digi is so cool with their own advertisement campaign.One of the campaign is Pimp My Broadband contest which gave more than 70+ prize to the winners.Just recently,they launch a new campaign at Pimp My Broadband Contest Part 2 for a new/current subsriber.Congrats and Good Luck Digi.
I think the campaign organized by Digi is very good as the prizes they offered are  without any contract or obligation attached.Like myself,it gave me the opportunity to try the Digi Broadband for 3 months to test the service.If happy I can continue with it,if not I can ditch it. What a great opportunity.I still remember when I was studying in UK, almost all the internet provider gave a free trial for a month or two to try their service.
Anyway,thanks again Digi.For those of you that want to subscribe to the broadband or switch the provider,I think you should try Digi as their campaign is not overpromised, really interesting and have a variety of good offers. Come and check it out here Digi Internet .
P/s : Really like the tagline by Digi, “Always the Smarter Choice” . I will gave a review back after i activated my Digi broadband line.By the way, this is the entry that make me won Digi Broadband : Pimp My Broadband

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