Secret Recipe

I just had a dinner at Secret Recipe Restaurant.Once in a while okla.I usually treat my family at a restaurant during the weekend..

Chicken Grill.Deliciouss…One of my favourite …
Chocolate Indulgion..Yummy…
Blueberry Cheese (my wife favourite)
Ice Lemon Tea
White Coffee
P/s : Any good restaurant to recommend?


  1. Just_najmiE says

    uwaaa, sedapnya! rindu nk mkn chocolate indulgence.. nyum nyum.. T___T

    tumpang singgah n click ur nuff.. (^^,)

  2. says

    Julong :Not bad.the taste is good.I really like it.Free furthermore if u buy the cake between 3pm-6pm.

    Just_najmie : sedap2 n thanks .

    difa :Oh ye ke?Dah nama scorpion,citarasa pun samake?Anyway,u dah pi ice skating blom?Smalam i singgah sana,ramainya org..

    haziqhanif :thanks.

    adilridz :lasagna dia pun sedap.nyam2…

    bias : haah,sedap

    honeyy:Jaring,peliknya nama.nanti saya try…mmg sedapke?


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