Why Project Alpha are So Popular and Successful?

Project AlphaUncovering Malaysia Top Bloggers.The clock is ticking so fast and the show already in the final week .The show is really a success and popular from my point of view.

Credit to Nuffnang : Project Alpha is Malaysia’s first online TV Show about bloggers. It is a fast paced, fast cut, lifestyle-driven show tailor made for the online market which provides increased recognition of the expanding role and influence of bloggers across the nation.

Why Project Alpha are so popular and  successful?This is my theory,observation and review after watching the Project Alpha myself.The reasons are :
1)It has been organized by Nuffnang
Nuffnang.com is Asia-Pacific’s first and leading blog advertising community.The blogging community is quite huge in Malaysia now.Their ads are seen on 100,000 blogs by 3 million people daily.It quite a big amount and quite a success.No wonder,the main sponsor Adidas Action 3 choose Nuffnang to promote their product via Project Alpha Blogging Contest.
2)The main sponsor is  Adidas Action 3

The Product speak for itself.As the tagline for Adidas Action 3 goes ”Adidas Best Defence Against Sweat With Triple Action”.I really like this product,I fall in love with this product when i bought my first Adidas Action 3 deodorant this month.The smell is really nice and good.My wife and daughter really like it.The triple action are 1)helps block pesperation, 2) keeps your fresh and 3)dry max system to absorb extra wetness.

Adidas is one of the most popular brand name in the world.They are sponsoring a lot of popular team/people/item such as Official FIFA World Cup Supplier, David Beckham, Chelsea Team (my favourite team), Kaka, Selangor FC , Los Angeles Galaxy, Lionel Messi , England Cricket Team , and the long list go on.

And just recently they are sponsoring the prize that I won for Project Alpha  Blogging Contest Week 3 and 4.Wow,the prize is quite good.I never  had so much body care product in my life.Thanks Adidas Action 3.Adidas Action 3 will also send me in a date with Jojo Struys ,host of Project Alpha,to Chelsea,UK to watch an English Premier League game as a winner for Grand Prize Project Alpha winner (haha,I wishh!!).Please let me go and let me win as I really love to watch  English Premier League Games.I also don’t want to miss once in a lifetime opportunity to watch my favourite team play in UK.I  already watched the Champion League game at Manchester United stadium before but I never have the opportunity to watch an English Premier League Games live.
3)Other sponsor as well
The other sponsor including Ministry of Sound as Official Venue Sponsor, Rimmel of London as Official Make Up Sponsor, Sunway Lagoon as official Location Sponsor, Hitz FM as Official Media Partner and not to forget Nuffnang as official blog partner.A lot of people will watch the Project Alpha as many people follow the blog under Nuffnang and the prize offered by other sponsors is quite good as well such as ticket to Sunway Lagoon Theme Park, Rimmel London Make up (my wife really like it), Montagne Jeuneese Pack , Pyramid Ice ticket and many more.

4)Featured Bloggers

The featured bloggers is really unique, success, and popular in their own way.Their style of writing is really good, easy to understand and make us interested to read it more.Some of them can reach more than 1 million visitor in one month (what a great achievement).Choosing the featured bloggers is a really important factor for Project Alpha success and i think they are making the right decision of choosing them.I gave my own nickname to them  which are 1)The traveller Sixthseal 2 and 3) The Rival and Gossip BeautifulNara and Budiey 4)The Beautiful Nicolekiss 5)The Reddish Redmummy , 6) The Cute Fourfeetnine and 7) The Hilarious and Most Entertain Kennysia (Congratz of winning Nuffnang Award,you really deserve it and make Malaysia proud)

5) The Host
 The host for Project Alpha Show is the beautiful and gorgeous Jojo Struys .No need to elaborate more,I already explain it during my previous entry why the host play and important factor for the success of Project Alpha.You can refer the entry here : The Cheerful Project Alpha .Congratulation Jojo,you are really making Project Alpha show interesting to watch.
6)It is a Reality Show
People in Malaysia especially really like Reality Show.Some of the most successful and popular reality show are : Akademi Fantasia, The Amazing Race, The Apprentice, Sehati Berdansa, Raja Lawak , American Idol and etc.Reality show also produce a fenomena and popular artist such as Nabil, Mawi, and Saiful Apek.All of them at least has won once for the Most Popular Artist in Malaysia.What a great achievement ,so by producing reality show in Project Alpha, it really make a Project Alpha a huge success and popular.
7)Support by bloggers
Last but not least, The Project Alpha has been supported by the bloggers.They are entering the contest and at the same time promoting Project Alpha as well.Word of mouth or word of blogger is really a powerful tools nowadays.If not , why a lot of popular artist and politician create their own blog such as Aznil Haji Nawawi,Dr Mahathir Mohamad (ex Malaysia Prime Minister) and Linda Onn.It goes hand in hand, by winning the Project Alpha, the popularity of the blogger especially a new blogger (like me) also increase as well after winning the Project Alpha.Myself for example,after winning the Project Alpha,my unique visitor per day increase dramatically compare to the last month before I enter/won the Project Alpha.Thanks to Project Alpha,you gave us a platform to share our view and thought.Maybe one day I will become Featured Blogger for Project Alpha Season……      .Wish Me Luck….
To wrap it up, the Project Alpha is really a success and popular. I wish there will be a Project Alpha again next year.Really enjoy watching it and it really encourage me to start blogging actively and share my passion in life.
I also want to recommend you to this product.I already try it myself and I really like it.My wife also like it as this product is not only for men.Women can use this product as well :

Adidas Action 3, the Best Defence Against Sweat with Triple Action.

There are a variety of product you can choose from including Hair & Body Wash, Daily Cleanser, Daily Protect ,Shoe Refresh, and many more.So,what are you waiting for?Let’s go to the supermarket and Buy It.We Must Choose It !!(Kita Mesti Pilih)

Last but not least, wish me luck and hopefully I will win the Grand Prize.7 is my lucky number.My wife birthday is in July.This is week 7, and the Project Alpha has 7 featured bloggers and I already told you 7 reasons why Project Alpha are so Popular and Successful.I think I deserve a grand prize after a few attempts and winning the 3rd,4th,Consolidation Prize, and it is time for me to win the Grand Prize.Hehehe,Good Luck to myself….

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