Project Alpha : The Favourites Part

Let me introduce you to a new show in Malaysia.It really cool,great and interesting to watch!!.It is a lifetime opportunity to watch it.Sit down and enjoy the show.It really inspired me to watch more.

Project Alpha : Malaysia’s first TV show uncovering top bloggers in Malaysia
I watched almost all the episodes for Project Alpha using Youtube.These are some of my favourite part :
Pretty cool the answer given by fourfeetnine when Jojo Struys asked her : ”You seem pretty fit,what you did for exercise”? Can you guest the answer?Fourfeetnine said : Is shopping count?I wish i can do the same to be fit like her…
Timothy Tiah trying to explain that he is not a ”player” (He currently a boyfriend of fourfeetnine) .Do you believe him?I do.He look so innocent when he tried to explain to Jojo Struys that people tend to misunderstand him.
Nicolekiss suggesting to her lecturer that a new media (i.e. blogging) will take over a traditional media.Her lecturer disagreed with her.For me, I agreed with nicolekiss.There are many companies that advertised their product using new media nowadays such as Adidas,Coca Cola, Mcd, KFC,CIMB,Nokia and the long list go on and on….

I really jealous with this.I never do Scuba Driving in my life.She said Pulau Sipadan is one of the most beautiful island in Malaysia.I wish I can go and do Scuba Diving in Pulau Sipadan one day.

Really enjoyed listen to the tips given by redmummy.The tips are : 1st : You need to work hard, 2nd :You need to have your own personalities (Ushh,i can’t choose Red Daddy )

Gegirl (redmummy daughter) is so cute.She learn Mandarin language and attended Chinese School. Even Jojo Struys wish that her mum send her to Chinese School.

It really a touching story when Kennysia told Jojo Struys that he gave everything up to be with his beloved father.Anyhow he manage to come back and he is one of the Most Popular Blogger in Malaysia now.He can reach 200,000 visitor to his blog in one week.I wish i can get 1/10 of it.What a really great achievement.Can you tell us more how you did it?

A great tips given by Kennysia : If you have a blog and a comment in it, there will be a people that will write a bad comment about you.Just ignore it as they only want to get attention from you.

Tips given by BeautifulNara : 1)Just write what you feel/want to write, 2)Don’t write to ”Skema” in your writing.Write it in your own way (unique) 3) Make your blog fun and enjoyable.

More tips given by BeautifulNara (Did you know that his blog reach 2.5 million unique visitor last month?) : 4)Brand yourself (Hehehe,that’s why i choose eyriqazz/Great Teacher Onizuka for my blog name and) 5)Write at night (ur mind is fresh and It works for me!!)

 Before i forgot,this show has been hosted by the gorgeous and beautiful Jojo Struys.Here, Jojo Struys given an instruction on How you can Enter/Win Project Alpha Contest.The instruction given by The Cheerful Jojo Struys is really helpful and easy to understand and resulting me win my first blogging contest : I Won the 3rd Prize for Project Alpha Blogging Contest

Hehehe, who said Bantal Busuk for kids only?Jojo Struys can’t sleep without her Smelly Pillow! (Bantal Busuk). You are really make a show more interesting to watch Jojo Struys!!

It was really interesting and enjoyable watching Project Alpha.It was good to write an entry too.It really a happy moment winning the Contest as well.Anyway, a word of advise to anyone that want to enter Project Alpha Blogging Contest :

Eyriqazz merupakan seorang blogger yang telah mencapai pelbagai kejayaan dalam bidang penulisan blog ini, beliau gemar berkongsi mengenai rumah tangga dan juga gaya hidup

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