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I want to try my luck on  Project Alpha Blog Contest organized by Nuffnang and Adidas Action 3.Where I should start ahh?This week, I am planning to write about Kennysia for this contest but I change my mind as there are already a winner for week 1 that wrote about Kennysia.

So,I choose to write about Jojo Struys.Who is Jojo Struys?Is she the featured blogger?Is she famous ?Is she hot/beautiful?Let me first introduce you to :

The Cheerful Jojo Struys

Jojo Struys ( is a TV Host,producer,blogger,and model to name a few.However,the most important things is she is the host for Project Alpha which is Malaysia’s first online tv show about bloggers.It is really an interesting show as i already watched almost all the episodes.It has been almost 4 weeks it has been aired on
and daily for 7 weeks starting on 18 September 2009. 

Why the Project Alpha are so successful?I think one of the reason is the featured bloggers itself.They are so popular and success in the blogger world in Malaysia. They have more than 20,000 unique visitor per week and they were writing in their own style.Salute and Congrats to all of them (Sixthseal,beautifulnara,nicolekiss,budiey, redmummy,fourfeetnine and kennysia).

Another reason i can think of is the host itself.If you do the survey, what do you think first when it come to Akademi Fantasia (which is one of the most popular reality show in Malaysia )?.I think most of the answer we will get is Mawi and Aznil Haji Nawawi.I think most of us know that Aznil is one of the most popular host in Malaysia.No wonder so many show hosted by Aznil are so successful such as Tom Tom Bak,Jangan Lupa Lirik and Macam-Macam Aznil.

Jojo Struys is so cool.The episod has been aired for almost 4 weeks and she has interviewed 4 of the featured bloggers.Personally,I think the show is really a success.One of the most critical area for Project Alpha is the host itself.Nuffnang and Adidas Action 3 are making a good decision of choosing JojoStruys as their host.This is my own observation why Jojo Struys is the right candidate and doing her job very well in hosting Project Alpha show :

1)She is hot,beatiful and has a very good communication skills

– Malaysia people really enjoy watching the show when the host is beautiful and popular.I think Jojo Struys is already popular in her own way.Furthermore, she has a very good communication skills and can interact with people from different background,ethnicity, and race.

2)She enjoy what she is doing
-She really did not feel awkward when she interview the featured blogger.She really passionate with her job and do the best for the success of Project Alpha.

3)She is happy go lucky,cheerful and easy going
-This is a Wow factor.She always smiling and make people really enjoy watching the show.She make other people really interested to watch the show and the featured bloggers are really enjoy being interview by her.What else you can ask?It is not easy being a host and she handle it very well.

Congrats to Jojo Struys and thanks to Nuffnang/Adidas Action 3 for choosing Jojo Struys as the host for Project Alpha, i really enjoy watching the Project Alpha.You are making the show more interesting to watch.Keep your cool,smile and spice it up.

I think Jojo Struys is still single.I think she should date :

The Happy Go Lucky Kennysia 

Why not , he is popular, people really like him a lot and enjoy to read his blog (including myself), single ,cheerful,and make people smile with his writing.Furthermore,I can see how serious Kennysia when he has been interview by Jojo Struys(he was blushing there).If this things come true,this will be the hottest gossip/talk in the blogger world in Malaysia.I think Kennysia can win Jojo Struys heart,Timothy has done it with fourfeetnine.I know your are really capable of winning Jojo Struys heart,Kenny.

A word of advice before you asked Jojo for a date :
Use Adidas Action 3 deodorant, my wife really like it!! 

P/s :Feel free to drop by at Jojo Struys website ( blog itself is really colourful(You will know what I mean when you visit her blog).Go on and we really enjoy watching the show,The Cheerful Jojo Struys.

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