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2009.Another 3 years it will be 2012.What will happened in 2012?Nobody can predicted it but there will be a cool and exciting movie that will be release this year.Coincidentally, the title of the movie is 2012.

Can’t wait to watch it!!
SYNOPSIS (Credit to Nuffnang )

Disaster movie maven Roland Emmerich (Independence Day, The Day After Tomorrow) crafts this apocalyptic sci-fi thriller following an academic researcher who opens a portal into a parallel universe, making contact with his double in an effort to prevent the catastrophic prophecies of the ancient Mayan calendar from coming to pass. According to the Mayan calendar, the world will come to an end on December 21, 2012. When a global cataclysm thrusts the world into chaos, divorced writer and father Jackson Curtis (John Cusack) uses his knowledge of the ancient prophecies to ensure that the human race is not completely wiped out.

In conjunction with the release of 2012 the movie, Sony Pictures is having an online contest for the public to share what you would like to keep in a TIME CAPSULE to survive 2012’s disaster at http://www.2012.com.my . So,what are you waiting for?Go to this website an upload your most precious item you want to keep in the capsule for you to survive and inspire the future generation.Opsss,it has been closed already :
I already uploaded my items in the website( http://www.2012.com.my ) but it is not as easy as you think.I tried to upload a few items but some of it has been rejected/unable to upload.One of the item i can remember is Doraemon picture as it is under copyright item. If Doraemon is beside me,it will be easier for me to help myself and others to survive.Maybe, they don’t want me to be like Nobita.Hehehe…

 After a few attempt, I manage to upload two of the item that i want to keep in the time capsule.As the time  is running up and I don’t want to miss out the chance to participate in this contest, I just go with the flow and accept it as the capsule is for everyone and I might not be able to upload all the items that i want to keep there.So,i choose the most important items and uploaded it.

Do you want to know what item i put there?Haha….Don’t be surprise with my item as i did not bring any nice gadget such as handphone,laptop,television,computer,book or even food.The first item I put in the time capsule is :
Myself (Playing Ski is one of the best memory in my life)

Why I put myself in the time capsule?Maybe some of you will think that I am selfish by putting myself in the time capsule.This is the reason why I put myself in the time capsule :

1) If the global cataclysm really happened,I think almost of you will save your life first.Maybe you will try to save you family members as well.Well,that will be my 2nd item. How are you gonna survive if you are not in the time capsule?

2)We must start with ourself first if we want to help and inspire the future generation. As a word says,do not ask what your country can do for you, but ask what you can do for your country.So, to help others you must start with yourself first.

3)I will use my experience and expertise to encourage and help others.With my background/experience working in financial sector,father and husband, I think i can provide a good help to others.

4)We can’t predict the future but we can do our best for the future. To change the world, we must start with ourself first.By being a role model to the future generation (such as my daughter) , we can help others to survive as well.We need each other right?

The 2nd picture I put in the time capsule is :
My family (Family Come first)
Why I put my family in the time capsule?

1)Family come first(compare to other people).After putting myself in the time capsule, I manage to put my family member as well.Thanks,I need my family member to support me in the future.David,one of the participant for The Biggest loser said , ‘You can continue this journey around the people you love’.It is really true right?My wife and daughter is two of the best things i ever had in my life.

2)Hehehe,I need to inspire the future generation right?My daughter is one of member of future generation.She still need me and my wife to guide her in life.

3)We need our family member to give us advice,support and etc.My wife is really good in it.Furthermore,my wife is a teacher.Is it good news?My wife can inspire and teach the future generation as teacher usually have a good communication/presentation skills (Pedagogi skills that she learned in University)

Anyhow, apart from that i do not need to worry much.A lot of other people already put their precious item in the time capsule and some of them is not even in  the capsule.So,I can use it right?If not,I think they won’t hesitate to share it with us.It is not that i don’t want to bring more items but the clock is ticking and I only manage to brings those items into the capsule.

2012 is coming. Are you prepared? As the malay epigram say “Tepuk dada,tanya selera ( do not bite more than you can chew ) .As the saying goes, ”Persistence will pay off”,that what i do when i try to upload my items in the time capsule.After failing for a few times i manage to upload two of the most item i want and love the most.What is it?For sure myself and my family members.

“Kalau tak dipecahkan ruyung manakan dapat sagunya”.Can anyone translate it to me?Good Luck for our future and we must work hard to achieve what we want to achieve in 2012.Good Luck to All.

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