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I am planning to buy an insurance as my company only cover for my medical until retirement.I think insurance is a very important tools nowadays to safeguard us in the future.I received the quotation from one of insurance agent fromPrudential BSN Takaful.This is the quotation she provided to me :

I think the quotation she provided to me is quite good.I intend to go for Proposed Monthly of RM200 but i want to reduce my lifetime limit to RM500k and increase saver for at least RM50 per month.I interested with Prudential BSN Takaful as it under Syariah and Prudential is one of the biggest and reputable insurance company in Malaysia.

However, i still need to meet her to discuss and query further regarding this product.As i quite busy this fasting month, i planning to meet her after Raya.This is a few question that i think i should ask her :

  1. Can i change the coverage?Let say from RM200 to RM150 or RM300 per month after a few years?
  2. Is this insurance only cover for hospitalization,critical illness, death and TPD?How about normal illness.E.g. i got cough or flu and i want to get an outpatient treatment from clinic?
  3. What happened if i cancel my insurance after a few years?Will i receive some of my money back or it consider hangus?
  4. What other pro n cons of buying this insurance?An honest insurance agent will tell you the pro and cons of their product.If there are no cons for their product,that means they are hiding something from you.

Anyway, I will buy this insurance for myself first.If i am happy with this product, I intend to buy it for my wife and kid.Some of my friend recommend me to buy Etiqa from Maybank as they are the leading insurance provider for Syariah Compliance Insurance Product.I still haven’t survey with Etiqa yet.Any Etiqa agent to recommend?

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