Malaysia Heritage Food and Drinks 2009

There are 100 types of heritage food and drinks that listed as a Malaysia Heritage Food and Drinks 2009.The top 10 are as follows:

1) Nasi Lemak

2)Nasi Ayam

3)Nasi Kunyit (Pulut Kuning)

4)Nasi Tumpang

5)Nasi Kerabu

6)Nasi Dagang

7)Nasi Himpit

8)Nasi Goreng Kampung

9)Nasi Ulam


For the rest of Malaysia heritage food and drinks 2009 , you can visit National Heritage website at ( )

P/s :Nyam, nyam ,Malaysian food are so delicious!!I want to try Nasi Tumpang as i never tried it before.By the way, where I can buy Nasi Tumpang in KL area?Any recommendation?

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